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Jessie Steele, Inc. is a family owned and operated company in San Leandro, CA. We can smell the fresh ocean air from our headquarters on the San Francisco Bay. We design and produce quality aprons, kitchen textiles, bags, accessories and lifestyle goods that we sell both retail and wholesale. Our products are sold in beloved local shops, boutiques and bakeries across the country and around the world.

In today's digital world where seemingly everything is available at low low prices, just a click away, please take a moment to read and understand the importance of knowing where and who you buy our products from. By purchasing Authentic Jessie Steele you are supporting thousands of local communities, employees and families like your own.

All of our prints are designed by our in-house design team and Jessie Steele, Inc. is the sole owner of the copyrights to all of these prints, all rights reserved.

"Jessie Steele" "Bring Happy Home" and "Fearlessly Feminine" are ® Registered Trademarks of Jessie Steele, Inc.

Our warehouse in San Leandro, CA is the only legal wholesale distributor of Jessie Steele product, world-wide. Any foreign factories claiming to sell or ship Jessie Steele product are selling counterfeit goods, and we are actively pursuing legal action against these companies as well as the individuals and companies buying from them.

Jessie Steele, Inc. does not wholesale goods to the Amazon Corporation, Walmart, Wayfair, Ebay and similar 3rd party websites and therefore we cannot guarantee the authenticity or quality of "Jessie Steele" labeled goods purchased on these platforms. 

We currently retail our goods at and the Jessie Steele Shop on Houzz, which is an extension of our retail website that we manage in-house. You will also find authentic Jessie Steele goods sold by our authorized closeout dealer Its On Sale, who maintains an Amazon storefront under this name.

We will be updating this page extensively with our list of authentic resellers, their store locations and websites. Stay tuned!